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Welcome to Circle

Circle is an innovative membership-based service open to anyone over the age of 50, supporting individuals and communities to lead the lives they want to lead. We support our Members across four areas of their lives: social activity, life’s practical tasks, tailored learning and appropriate health and wellbeing services.

At the heart of Circle is a fundamental belief that everyone has the right to a flourishing, independent later life. A life in which people are able to do the stuff they want to do in the ways they want to do it. Circle enables people to make progress that is meaningful to them, to do things that they value and to develop new relationships and innovative support systems of their own. Circle does this by embedding deeply in the localities where we operate. We realise the potential and capacity of our local community to develop new services and to reconfigure existing ones in response to people’s aspirations and desires.

Circle knows that life inevitably involves various points of crisis and stress. We do not believe in waiting for people to develop a problem which then needs to be accentuated in order to have access to services and support. Rather, we believe in supporting people’s lives in a variety of ways so that crisis points can be avoided as much as possible. Then, if they do appear, Circle and its membership will be there to support each individual in a way that is truly personalised. In this respect, Circle is transforming the provision of older people’s services by being both preventative and reactive to support people as people, not just as individuals within a system.

Circle was developed by Participle.

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